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Rep. Dana Young caught misleading voters about her pro-fracking record

published on: October 11, 2016

House Majority Leader Rep. Dana Young has long tried to hide from her pro-fracking record. But last week, her votes for fracking caught up with her in a big way.

On Wednesday, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact reported that Rep. Young is “misleading” voters in how she describes her yes vote on HB 191 – the fracking bill from 2016.

Rep. Young would like you to believe she voted for a “statewide fracking ban.” But no matter how she tries to spin her vote, HB 191 would have paved the way for fracking in Florida.

This is how politics works in Rep. Young’s Tallahassee. Lobbyists for the oil and gas industry craft cleverly-written “environmental” bills that allow politicians like Dana Young to deceive the public and distort the truth.

Now that she’s in a tight race with FCV-endorsed Bob Buesing for Senate District 18, she’s telling voters that she lead the charge to stop fracking in Florida.

Rep. Young’s revisionist history on her support for fracking is shameless. When HB 191 was up for consideration, news outlets published story after story decrying the bill as bringing fracking to Florida.

There really is no way of hiding it. HB 191 would bring fracking one step closer to Florida.

It seems there’s no limit to politicians like Rep. Young voting against the environment during session, then claiming to be environmental leaders during election time. That’s why FCV is keeping score and calling them out when they make these false claims.

Actions speak louder than words. We want lawmakers who will put the health and safety of Florida families first, which is why we don’t trust Rep. Dana Young.

It’s time for real leadership on Florida’s environment. 


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