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Tag: love letters

Dear Florida: You Endure

By Michael and Evelyn MinthornTitusville, FL Twice Florida has been submerged beneath rising seas. It has endured. The artesian spring I played in as a child is now in a concrete pipe: it too, endures, still flowing its waters through a channel of human ignorance. Though the wetland it once

Dear Florida: My Only Home

By Ginger GoepperTreasure Island, FL All kinds of people like to stay where it’s cool, and all kinds of people need a whole lotta fuel! But I like the palm trees that sway in the breeze. I like the waves of the ocean and the salty gulf seas. I like

Dear Florida: Camping Brings My Loved Ones Together

By Aliki Moncrief, Executive DirectorTallahassee, FL Dear Florida,  I love your vivid sunsets, winding rivers, and natural beauty. Every chance I get, I try to get outdoors and experience Florida’s beauty with my friends and family (my “framily”). Whether it is weekends at the beach or paddling winding rivers, camping

Dear Florida: You are Renowned

By Luis Garcia FalconMiami, FL Florida is renowned for many things, but none is more important than its natural diversity. With over 2,000 endemic species that call this state home, they live within unique ecosystems that range up and down our large state, encompassing a range of climates that allow