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Tag: love letters

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Dear Florida: Interconnection in the Everglades

By Robert KrayerClearwater, FL The Everglades ecosystem is home to one of the most impressive food chains in the world. Every creature, no matter how seemingly insignificant, plays a vital role in each and every other organisms’ existence. Without the tiny mosquitofish, gargantuan alligators would struggle to survive and without

Dear Florida: Anna Maria Island is a Utopia

By Susie WoodLouisville, KY Every year we do our best to travel to Anna Maria Island, Florida between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. It’s the kinda place where you feel like you are back home at Grandma’s for the summer holiday, relaxing in cut off jeans and a

Dear Florida: Bok Tower and Gardens’ Peace and Beauty

By Dorothy SchwartzKissimmee, Florida Bok Tower is a place of beauty and tranquility; the carillons ringing is a wonderful backdrop to beautiful flowers and other plants. But one of the things I like most about the place is the vision of the founder, Edward Bok. He wanted to give a

Dear Florida: Save the Loop

By Suzanne ScheiberOrmond Beach, Florida Dear Florida, I came here on vacation with my family to Volusia County every year when I was growing up. This was our one vacation each year. I always looked forward to coming as a child and loved the beach and large oak trees on