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Tag: advocacy

Top 10 Land Acquisitions of 2020

Over the years, Florida has saved some incredible places that improve our quality of life and make Florida a great place to live. From state and local parks to wildlife preserves, our state is a natural wonder. To continue to protect Florida, we must continuously conserve more land for future

FCV Publishes 2020 Elections Report

Over the decades, Florida’s wildlife, water, natural areas, and even our democracy have benefited from passionate people just like you who spoke up to protect our beautiful state. Without the energy and activism of an educated and empowered electorate, Florida would be without many of our most prized natural treasures.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are a great way to address your community on topics that matter to you. Commonly called LTEs, your letters are published on the editorial page of your local paper. They are your forum for educating or entertaining your peers, and advocating for Florida’s land, water, climate,