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Published on: Conservation Story

Florida is a unique treasure

published on: August 24, 2021

By Jeffrey, Titusville, FL

I grew up south of Miami. I have worked as a professional Environmental Scientist-Geologist and College Professor for 43 years in the Midwest,  all the while missing my real “home” back in Florida. Now retired, I have gotten established in Titusville as a relatively safe place from hurricane threats and sea level rise flooding. After only two months here, I have witnessed the great bounty of wildlife still resident, in spite of the impact of overdevelopment.

This state remains a unique treasure! I want to serve in any way possible to help preserve the natural assets that remain. And so, my first chore has been to go about in my ample free time, to clean up litter from ditches, ponds, and roadways. The amount of trash in many places represents a curse of indifference or ignorance. Florida badly needs education about what is fragile and precious. Ultimately, I would love to encourage others via education and outreach in assuming personal responsibility for sustaining all the natural goodness.


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