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Ron DeSantis: You can’t greenwash your way out of your record.

published on: October 24, 2018

Ron DeSantis has hopped on the enviro bandwagon, which is to be expected of any politician in an election year – especially in a state like Florida where the economy depends on a healthy environment. But there’s a stark difference between him and the other green bandwagoners. His voting record.

You can’t claim the environment as a top priority issue after routinely voting to harm it in Congress.

Ron DeSantis has consistently voted against the environment and in favor of corporations and polluters during his tenure as a Member of Congress. There are two ways to think of this: either he really doesn’t care about the environment – not good; or he doesn’t think for himself and votes for whatever his party leaders tell him to vote for – also, not good.

DeSantis is trying to trick you. Don’t let him.

Last year, he voted to take protections away from wolves and bears, and their pups and cubs. The bill allowed them to be shot from helicopters and killed in their dens. This inhumane practice, deemed “predator control,” was not based on science, but was signed into law in 2017.

In addition to his 17 votes harming wildlife, he voted against clean water 33 times. He even voted against a bill that provided federal funding to Flint Michigan during their public health crisis. He’s voted against clean energy 10 times, good climate change regulations 29 times, and ocean protections 12 times. Out of 166 votes dealing with the environment, 162 were anti-environment. That’s 98%.

You can’t run from your record, Mr. DeSantis. And we are working overtime to set the record straight – because two percent is just not good enough for Governor, and it’s not good enough for Florida.

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