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Tell Governor DeSantis to stand up for our workers and economy!

Veto HB 433!

Urge Governor DeSantis to stand up for our workers and economy!

The Florida Legislature recently passed HB 433. If signed into law, this bill would preempt local governments’ ability to protect workers from extreme heat at a time when climate change is pushing record temperatures higher year after year. Of the many threats climate change poses to Florida’s economy and well-being – including rising insurance rates and storms – the impact of extreme heat is one of the biggest and most dangerous to human life.

In 2021, loss of productivity from heat led to a loss of about $100 billion dollars a year in the United States. Without meaningful action to address climate change, those losses could double to nearly $200 billion by 2030 and reach $500 billion by 2050. Extreme heat is already a leading weather-related cause of death and workplace injury across the country. In the United States, extreme heat is estimated to be the cause of about 120,000 workplace injuries every year, and without action, that number could rise to about 450,000 per year in 2050.

The facts are clear: preventing local governments from taking action will cost Floridians their paychecks and their lives. Tell Governor DeSantis to Veto CS/CS/HB 433 today!

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