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Tell DeSantis to Reject Dirty Fuels!

Veto HB 1645!

Tell DeSantis to Reject Dirty Fuels!

Florida Legislators have passed HB 1645, a far-reaching and extreme bill that prioritizes expensive, dirty fuels and cuts the few genuine programs and laws that allow the state to address climate change. Signing this bill would continue a clear trend of skyrocketing property insurance premiums, increased costs to tax and ratepayers, intensifying storms, and more. The frequency and severity of extreme weather events rises, leading to higher insurance claims and increased government spending on disaster relief and infrastructure repairs. As the impacts of climate change grow ever more palpable and the solutions grow ever more beneficial to the health and well-being of Florida’s economy and environment, failure becomes less affordable. 

Now is the time to expand investments in clean, renewable energy and directly create jobs and savings for ratepayers, homeowners, and the public; this bill does the opposite. These dirty fuel industries are failing time and time again for clear reasons: they’re expensive, dangerous, and bad for the environment. Big government politicians in Tallahassee may think they can force toxic greenhouse gases into our homes and through our communities, but we know they can’t. Floridians are feeling the impacts of climate change and this state’s inaction in their monthly bills, paychecks, and day-to-day lives. Now is the time to stop dirty fuels. 

It’s time for Florida to stop preventing a clean, thriving, and sustainable future for Florida. Tell Governor DeSantis to veto HB1645 today!

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