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Tag: resiliency

Dear Florida: You Endure

By Michael and Evelyn MinthornTitusville, FL Twice Florida has been submerged beneath rising seas. It has endured. The artesian spring I played in as a child is now in a concrete pipe: it too, endures, still flowing its waters through a channel of human ignorance. Though the wetland it once

Resiliency is More than a Buzzword

Last week, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection demonstrated its leadership by convening more than 100 climate scientists, managers, elected officials, and educators at the Resilient Florida workshop. Held at the Patel Center for Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida, the two-day conference included presentations about ways to

aerial of ft. lauderdale beach

NEWS: DEP Grants $1.6 Million to Coastal Communities

South Florida is no stranger to sea level rise. We see it during tidal flooding in Miami Beach, in the saltwater intrusion of water sources in Broward County, and in beach erosion in Dania Beach. We need solutions now, and not just bandaids, but community buy-in and action. That’s where