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Tag: recreation

Top 5 Florida Paddling Spots

Florida is a paddler’s paradise. Dipping a paddle in the water is one of the best ways to experience the watery wonders of our state. Florida boasts more than 1,000 freshwater springs; 7,700 lakes greater than 10 acres; 11 million acres of wetlands; and 27,561 linear miles of rivers and

Dear Florida: Camping Brings My Loved Ones Together

By Aliki Moncrief, Executive DirectorTallahassee, FL Dear Florida,  I love your vivid sunsets, winding rivers, and natural beauty. Every chance I get, I try to get outdoors and experience Florida’s beauty with my friends and family (my “framily”). Whether it is weekends at the beach or paddling winding rivers, camping

Scallops underwater on green grass

Summertime Scalloping Tells Conservation Story

Despite the school year starting, it is still summer in Florida. And to me, that means scallop season. I eagerly await the weekend when I join friends for a few glorious days spent snorkeling in the gulf, spying the blue-eyed mollusks hiding amongst lush blades of seagrass. I am unabashedly