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Saving Florida Flowers

My shovel dug into the earth like butter as I created a shallow circle around the base of a coreopsis. Her yellow blooms, those unfurled and those buds waiting, looked up at me in thanks. Of all the times I’ve written about figuratively saving Florida, here I was actually doing

Native Plants Cultivate “Sense of Place”

By Stephanie Dunn Senior Landscape Designer at Cādence As a landscape designer, I apply the knowledge I gain about Florida’s ecosystems and native plants into my work. My passion for wild Florida inspires me to lessen the negative impact of human development through the implementation of native plants in cultivated

Lady Lupines of Florida

By Mark TancigBontanist, FCV Contributor Early spring is a great time to be out visiting natural areas in Florida. Not only is the temperature and humidity bearable, but there are many eye-catching wildflowers in bloom. One of the most stunning displays of color are the native Lupines. Lupines, or bluebonnets