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Tag: legislative

Solar Bills That are Good for Habitat and People

Florida’s major electric utilities plan to develop over 13,000 MW of new solar generation across the state over the next decade, according to a 2021 review of ten-year site plans published by the Florida Public Service Commission. While this is a significant development, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Each

Locals Locked Out of Solar Decision Making

The comments below were given to the Senate Rules Committee on April 20, 2021 by Deputy Director Jonathan Webber. SB 896 - Amendment 713270 Good morning, my name is Jonathan Webber with Florida Conservation Voters and I urge this committee to oppose this amendment.  All commonly accepted definitions of environmental

Florida Forever Funded at $100 Million

After a long few days of budget negotiations, the House and Senate have agreed to fund the Florida Forever program at $100 million! Hundreds of Conservation Voters contacted budget leaders and urged them to fund our vital conservation programs. Your advocacy made a difference!  From our award-winning parks and miles