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Tag: conservation

Biden’s American Rescue Plan Will Boost Conservation Funding

Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Congress, Florida will receive a projected $10 billion in federal Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds. In a budget press conference today, the Florida House and Senate have agreed to direct $300 million towards the Florida Forever program, specifically for the protection of

Florida Forever Funded at $100 Million

After a long few days of budget negotiations, the House and Senate have agreed to fund the Florida Forever program at $100 million! Hundreds of Conservation Voters contacted budget leaders and urged them to fund our vital conservation programs. Your advocacy made a difference!  From our award-winning parks and miles

Florida Forever Conserves Land and Water

Florida Forever is the state’s premier land protection and recreation program. The program and its predecessors have helped save more than 2.5 million acres of forests, wetlands, parks and other natural areas, making Florida a more resilient and beautiful state. In 2014, Florida voters changed the constitution to dedicate a