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Tag: conservation

Florida’s Native American History

November is Native American Heritage Month and Florida is rich in indigenous history. With several historic groups of indigenous peoples, Florida’s was - and is today - a land of plentiful resources.  When we protect our land and water, we protect our history. Aucilla River, provided by Florida Natural Areas

Discovering Big Cypress

By Luis Garcia Miami, FL My appreciation for the environment was not something I grew up with. Rather, I only began going into the outdoors once I got my first car at 18. Before that, I had lived most of my life within the confines of the City of Miami.

Free the Ocklawaha!

By Cary Evans When I moved to Florida, the first thing I wanted to do was get to know the area better. As I began to explore the state, I realized how unique Florida is and also how little of wild Florida is left. The stories you hear about over-development

Legislature Passes M-CORES Toll Road Repeal Bill

SB100 passed the Senate and House on April 27. This bill repeals the M-CORES toll roads program but prioritizes new road construction, including an extension of the Florida Turnpike.  Thousands of Conservation Voters and Floridians around the state spoke against these destructive M-CORES toll roads. Thank you! It’s been a