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Digital Organizing

At FCV we believe that all Floridians should be able to participate in the electoral process as well as policy decisions that happen outside of elections. FCV follows closely along with the decisions made during the Florida Legislative Session and we are committed to bringing our members along during this process.

Digital Organizing focuses on using digital tools to build power within our communities. This is done through sharing our stories, training and organizing our members to take action with us based on their shared values, experiences and interests. This form of digital organizing focuses on mobilizing our base to enact change to further FCV’s goals and priorities. We take a top down approach in mobilizing our members around the issues we are prioritizing. This is different from community organizing, which seeks to mobilize from the ground up using solutions proposed by the community and develop grassroots leadership.

We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone. A major component of achieving this mission is increasing civic engagement for all Floridians. Organizing is a key tactic in helping FCV to connect our members to their political power during elections, legislative sessions and beyond. We organize as a way to hold public officials accountable, demand accountability from decision makers and to incite policy change to further our mission of protecting our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

FCV began its digital organizing campaign in the summer of 2020 in order to take voter outreach to the digital space. The primary focus of the campaign was to increase access to voting and combat vote-by-mail disinformation. Our goal was to reach 100,000 Florida voters and encourage at least 7,000 of those voters to vote-by-mail before Election Day. From the start of the program until Election Day, we had recruited more almost 100 volunteers to help with our efforts. As of midnight on Election Day 2020, we reached a total of 149,759 voters across Florida, and out of all the voters we contacted, 52,590 of them requested a vote-by-mail ballot. This was a huge success for organizing work.

After the election, we have been working hard to broaden the scope of our organizing efforts. Digital organizing uses a variety of digital tools to build power, such as our social media platforms, the FCV blog, peer-to-peer text messaging, targeted emails and digital ads. FCV uses these tools to mobilize our members along the path to make a change as we fight for Florida’s environment. Our organizers engage with our members through regular volunteer welcome calls, volunteer engagement events, and using direct lines of communication to energize our base and deepen our impact.

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