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Author: Blue Kaufman

We build political power to protect our environment, protect our democracy, and create a healthy and sustainable future for everyone.

Author Cynthia Barnett Joins FCV Book Club Event

On Thursday, February 24, the FCV Book Club was joined by author Cynthia Barnett for a virtual book discussion on her latest novel The Sound of the Sea: Seashells, and the Fate of the Oceans. This special author talk and book club event was made

5 Urban Parks that Breathe Life into South Florida

Public Lands. People often think of them as sweeping landscapes, the kind that summon us for weekend getaways and decorate our postcards. They’re remote, breathtaking, and beautiful--but they are not the only public lands we have. Urban parks located within our cities provide accessible ways

Guided Nature Meditation

Enjoy this 10 minute guided meditation inspired by Florida's natural beauty. At FCV, we know that staying up to date and active on big issues like climate change, water quality, and land development can be exhausting work. The planet needs our voices now more than

Seven Florida Water Bodies Under Threat

Floridians rely on clean water, not just to keep our ecosystems healthy but our economy too! Each water body is different. Learn about these seven Florida water bodies, what makes them special, and the threats they face.  Lake Okeechobee Fun fact: Lake Okeechobee is huge.