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Press Statement: Chispa Florida Program Director Maria Revelles responds to Governor DeSantis’ signing of SB 1808

published on: June 17, 2022

Tallahassee, FL (June 17, 2022) – Chispa Florida Program Director Maria Revelles responds to Governor DeSantis’ signing of SB 1808

Earlier today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the cruel, anti-immigrant bill SB 1808 into law. SB 1808 is an attack on our immigrant families and children. This new law will prohibit the state from engaging in contracts with private entities and charitable nonprofits that provide transportation to immigrant children and adults, which, in effect, precludes a separated family from being reunited. This bill also undermines trust in local law enforcement by requiring the police to provide information to the federal government on an individual’s immigration status. Led by our Chispa Florida program staff, Florida Conservation Voters works in immigrant communities that this new law will directly impact. Together, we sent thousands of emails to our supporters and members, empowering them to contact the Governor and call for a veto. We stand in solidarity as part and ally to all immigrant communities in Florida. Moreover, the climate crisis is getting worse across the globe. One of the aggravating factors suffered by the immigrant community is the ravages of climate change. As many communities in our state can attest, climate change harms air and water quality, causes more hazardous heat days and wildfires, and results in more frequent and more damaging flooding due to rising sea levels. However, we cannot overlook one significant consequence: increased human migration. Millions of people leave their homes yearly because of extreme climate and weather stressors, such as hurricanes, excessive rainfall, or droughts. Climate change does not recognize borders, and the impacts usually cause the most harm to communities with the least access to resources and power. Climate migration displaces millions of people from their countries of origin, forcing them to migrate in search of a safer home for their children and families. In signing this bill, Governor DeSantis ignored the realities of human migration to Florida. Make no mistake, this law will hurt children and families.


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