Top 5 reasons not to “drill, baby, drill” off Florida’s coasts

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August 2, 2017
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September 12, 2017
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Top 5 reasons not to “drill, baby, drill” off Florida’s coasts

You can help.

If you don't want to see drilling off the coasts of Florida, tell the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management.
They are accepting public comment until August 17, 2017.


  1. Please don’t do anymore Drilling!!!

  2. Cindy Morris says:

    Do not allow drilling off the coasts of Florida. There are energy alternatives and the effects are devastating to marine life and our oceans.

    • Julie Southern says:

      No drilling! No fracking! No dumping toxic waste! We should care about the world our children and and grandchildren etc. Will be living in. No more Dolphins? Can’t imagine what is to become of us. Very scary!!! Are we not smart enough to figure this out? Is greed more important?

  3. Please don’t do anymore Drilling! !! Protect our environment.

  4. Virginia Garesche says:

    Our oceans are our future as our populatiin grows and food and water sources are depleted. We have less harmful and effective sources of energy other than oil.

  5. René Madsen says:

    No drilling in Florida. Tourism and nature would get punished badly from all the oil spills that happens from time to time.

  6. Roberta Jones says:

    Stop the drilling! Save our natural resources…oceans and Marine life. Make solar energy more affordable. I will be there to change over to solar if it is made affordable. I cannot understand why our government has little or no regard for our oceans, beaches, tourism, sea turtles, whales, dolphins and sharks as well as all the other things in the ocean.

  7. Karen Fisher says:

    End the drilling off shore. Save this wonderful environment for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy!

  8. Seuss Donovan says:

    Our oceans provide homes to awesome wildlife while providing us food , fun, and jobs. Do not risk our awesome natural resource for obsolete oil. Wind and solar energy are much better and will not harm our awesome natural resources.

  9. Matthew says:

    The place to comment effectively against drilling is at the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management. Commenting here at this article is useless in having your voice heard where the decisions are made.

    • Erin says:

      If commenting here’s so useless, why did you do it? Was it just to tell us where to comment instead? If that was the case, you could’ve just said that.

  10. Molly Wellen says:

    No more drilling off Florida’s coast. SOlar energy is the wave of the future. Fossil fuels are costly and harm the environ,ent. This is the only planet we have, and we must protect it.

    • Molly Wellen says:

      No more drilling off Florida’s coast. Solar energy is the wave of the future fossil fuels are costly and harm the environment. This is the only planet we have, and we must protect it.

  11. Erin says:

    I’ll entertain the possibility of solar working in this state. However, those solar panels won’t work on certain days eg. overcast, rainy, etc.

    In addition, there’s a bigger issue. The costs of installing them ranges in the thousands (of dollars). And I’m pretty sure using them on an apartment suite (or building) is out of the question.

    Aside from that, the rest of the article makes good points.

  12. Marguerite Feldmann says:

    Your constituents are aware of the pros & cons and want drilling plans and efforts to cease! Only a few of the reasons to stop are listed above! This is serious!

  13. Robin Leachman says:

    Train people on alternative power applications, not just oil. This will affect the coastal states if any disasters should come of this drilling .

  14. Crystal Freedman-Osgood says:

    The waters around the coast of Florida are very important to the eco systems for the atlantic and the gulf . Disturbing the environment under the oceans will cause irreparable damage to animals, plants and the atmosphere. Please do not allow any drilling anywhere The State of Florida. Please govern yourselves accordingly as to protect our precious lands and water. Thank you.

  15. Why continue developing an energy source that has so many downsides when other harmless sources of energy are available with new technology making them more affordable everyday? The hidden costs of today’s cheap oil , coal and gas is being passed along as an increasingly unliveable natural environment for most species on earth including humans.

  16. Michael Nash says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Please do not allow drilling in Florida or the Atlantic Ocean
    This area is to vital to our nations interest

  17. We do not want the large mammals damaged, we do not want our beaches ruined, and we do not want more money spent extracting fossil fuel from our waters. There have already been too many accidents.

  18. Lawrence Peranio says:

    Please do not drill want to keep our waters clean and safe for our beaches and wildlife plus all anglers who fish our waters

  19. Emil Kessler says:

    No Need to drill !

    Only greed !

    Preserve our natural beauty and aquatic life.

    Use modern energy generating non fossil

  20. Florida gulf is still recovering from Deep water Horizon. civilizations don’t Pollute their food source only greedy polluter corporations want this , meanwhile the states pay for their mistakes. All Pipelines & drilling LEAKS this is not rocket science, the American people are NOT Stupid.

  21. Matthew Lieto says:

    We have other resources to use for energy. Another spill would be a terrible nightmare. You must remember the last one.

  22. Steven Dolan says:

    Please no drilling off the Florida Coast.

  23. Renewable resources like wind, solar and tidal are cheaper and safer than fossil fuels. When the forces that generate renewables cease to exist (earth, water , sun and wind. we will not have to worry anymore. Take care of those resources and we’ll be fine in the future. We’ve already destroyed enough. Time to open our eyes and our minds and conserve the resources that we have. Conservation IS conservative.

  24. Helen Jo Williams says:

    It is deplorable that that debate continues about offshore drilling. The issue should have been settled once and for all several years ago when we experienced that awful offshore explosion.

  25. Jeanne says:

    Protect our wildlife and their habitat. I care.

  26. Sophie says:

    No drilling, please!

  27. James Gilmartin says:

    Did you all forget what happen with the B.P. Incident. please let’s not repeat this again don’t drill around Florida find better ways Use modern energy generating non FOSSIL Techniques. Stop the Drilling NO MORE!

  28. SONDRA RODGERS says:


  29. Christie Bradley says:

    Offshore drilling is silly, reckless, and needless, but definitely not harmless. Vote for offshore drilling if you want to destroy our state and all of the area around it. How many tourists will we get with brown sand full of tarballs and a barren marine environment (no dolphin tours, no sport fishing for starters)? I’m pretty sure folks don’t come here for the oranges. Just as importantly, we residents deserve the right to have a safe, clean, vibrant place to live. Please forget this outdated nonsense and look to the future of Florida: green energy like solar will end up saving so much money and so much wildlife, all the way down to the microscopic level. Switching to green energy would bring more jobs than drilling. Please, prove you haven’t been bought out and vote against the idea of EVER allowing offshore drilling to wreck our Florida.

  30. The people of Florida and their politicians know that drilling is not good for the business of tourism or our way of life. The republicans in power and Trump need to open their minds and eyes to Floridians’ needs and wants!

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