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2017 Water Land Conservation Funding

The following table compiles only appropriations made from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund, as reflected in the General Appropriations Act” or “GAA” that the state legislature passed on Monday, May 8, 2017.

The Water and Land Conservation Amendment passed in 2014 by voters mandated that 33% of annual documentary stamp tax revenues be deposited into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. For this fiscal year, that amount is estimated at $822 million.

For more information about the Amendment, including full text, voter support by county and legislative districts, and much more, please visit

Additional notes:

  1. The Governor has 15 consecutive days to sign, exercise his line-item veto power, or veto the budget once he receives it from the Legislature. As of yet, the Legislature has not sent the budget to the Governor.
  2. Except for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 (column “2017 LATF”), the figures below factor in the Governor’s vetoes.
  3. Click here to view or download the full budget bill as passed by the legislature.

This table is fully interactive. You can change the column width, filter, group, sort, search and more.