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Published on: Press Releases

Ben Diamond proposes plan for protecting Florida’s environment, water quality

published on: August 2, 2016

By Annie Lindberg

As he’s walked Florida’s House District 68 the past weeks, candidate Ben Diamond says he’s found one overriding issue among voters: a concern for the environment and the state’s waterways.

So, on Tuesday, Diamond held a news conference to unveil a six-point plan he says he’ll work to pass if elected.

“I’m running for the Florida House because our state leaders need to do more to preserve and protect our water and our environment,” Diamond wrote in his proposal. “Like many of you, I’m devastated to see the green, toxic algae blooms washing on the sands of our Atlantic Coast.”

State policies in recent years, he said, have only weakened water quality and environmental standards and helped polluters at the expense of the environment and water.

“What we have seen from Tallahassee in response to this crisis?” Diamond asked. “No real action, just typical finger pointing.”

Diamond added, “This has been a difficult summer for the environment in Florida.”

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