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Guardian of the Springs

By Michelle Colson also known as Mermaid Michi, Mermaid Entertainer, Water Advocate, and nature fanatic “The Trees are our lungs. The rivers are our circulation. The air is our breath. The Earth is our body. “ Deepak Chopra. This quote is engraved in my soul. I am a nature lover

Blue-Green Algae Task Force Meets for First Time Since 2020

On June 23, Governor DeSantis' Blue-Green Algae Task Force met for the first time in nearly eight months. Task Force members were interested in discussing their much-publicized recommended solutions to our state's blue-green algae problems. But, there was one giant elephant in the virtual room: Governor DeSantis, originally credited with

Free the Ocklawaha!

By Cary Evans When I moved to Florida, the first thing I wanted to do was get to know the area better. As I began to explore the state, I realized how unique Florida is and also how little of wild Florida is left. The stories you hear about over-development

Piney Point a Failure of Oversight and Accountability

The latest crisis at the Piney Point phosphate plant in Tampa Bay is the most recent chapter of a decades-long failure to reign in one of Florida’s most destructive industries: phosphate mining and production. Multiple administrations have allowed the toxic gypsum stacks, or ponds, at the site to linger while