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It Started with Wildlife

My connection to nature started with my love for animals. I can’t remember when or why animals first caught my attention, although I’m sure it most likely started with my first hamster or first family puppy, “Muffin.” I have no idea how I made the leap from connecting with our

Letters to Lawmakers: No Roads to Ruin Coalition Opposes SB 100

The below letter was sent by email to Senate President Wilton Simpson and members of the Senate Transportation Committee, including Senators Gayle Harrell, Keith Perry, Lori Berman, Randolph Bracy, George B. Gainer, Shevrin Jones, Ana Maria Rodriguez, and Tom A. Wright. Dear Senate Transportation Committee Members, The M-CORES toll roads

Trust for Public Land Helps Conserve Wolfe Creek Forest

Just as it is said, “Rome isn’t built in a day,” the gradual and steady acquisition of Florida’s lands builds our conservation legacy.  The strategic protection of the Wolfe Creek Forest adds to the network of conserved lands in the Florida Panhandle. The project was prioritized for acquisition in 2010,

Managing Florida’s Invasive Species

Guest Blog by Student Laurel Kerkman Florida is home to beautiful coastal, forest, and prairie habitats that support a wide variety of species. However, these habitats are rapidly decreasing due to human actions. Development, such as roads and housing, are altering the ecosystems that we rely on. It is vital