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Author: Aliki Moncrief

We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

2019 In Review

I am so proud of Florida Conservation Voters Education Fund’s 2019 accomplishments. Day in and day out, our dedicated staff of seven, we are always at work engaging people in our democracy to protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone. Below are five ways

Celebrating Amendment 1’s Five-Year Anniversary

This time five years ago, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved the Water and Land Conservation Amendment (“Amendment 1”) and effectively added it to the state constitution. Getting Amendment 1 on the ballot and approved by voters was no easy feat, but victory was sweet. With about

Bottle Bills: An Analysis Across State Lines

Every state wants to be the best, but in actuality, we know that Florida really takes the cake (of course, I am biased). Beaches, springs, lakes, theme parks – we have it all. What we don’t have, though, are strong laws regarding how we dispose