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Tag: sustainability

We build political power to protect our environment, protect our democracy, and create a healthy and sustainable future for everyone.

multi-colored straws

Plastic-Free Fast Food

This month is Plastic Free July, and my FCVoters team and I are personally challenging ourselves to cut our single-use plastic consumption. Breaking bad habits starts with seeing the impact it has on our lives, and nothing motivates me more than seeing discarded plastic bottles and other waste in our

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Plastic-Free Beauty and Fashion

FCV Staff share their personal plastic-free journeys. Carson Mitchell, Communications Manager, details the sustainable solutions in beauty routines and fashion choices: My 2019 New Years Resolution was to live more sustainably. I thought this would be an easy task; little did I know it would turn the life that I

plastic bottles

FCV Takes the Plastic Free Challenge (and you can too!)

It’s 2019 – the time of viral memes and digital social movements. The catastrophe that is single-use plastic waste came on the mainstream media scene with an image of a sea turtle with a plastic straw lodged into its nose. Today, many restaurants and even entire municipalities have banned the