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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

FCV Speaks at Florida Forever Press Conference

On Dec. 13, I spoke at the Press Conference to Fund Florida Forever in St. Petersburg. Similar press conferences were held statewide in North Ft. Myers, Gainesville, and St. Augustine all sharing the same message: fully fund Florida Forever. Days of action are also planned for Fort Walton Beach, Gulf

Notes from the Field: Tate’s Hell State Forest

I am standing on thousand-year-old dunes. They are the ancient remnants of mountains formed of salty, wind-swept sand. Today, these dunes are now scrub and flatwood communities, home to tall sand pines, short scrubby oaks, and a plethora of biodiverse grasses and flowers. Tate’s Hell State Forest is a conservation

Dear Florida: What Amazing Birds!

By Carole Devillers Tampa Dear Florida, Why do I love thee? Well… your birds! I love your birds, Florida, your magnificent, gorgeous, resilient birds! I truly became aware of them when I moved to the Tampa Bay area three years ago. My new passion led me to roam through your