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Connected in Crisis

Connected in Crisis helps Florida’s most vulnerable citizens maintain energy security throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to minimize the impact of burdensome utility debt on Florida families and businesses.

The Connected in Crisis (CIC) Coalition emerged from the Clean Energy for All table as a coalition of non-profit organizations and community leaders dedicated to a single purpose–helping Floridians keep their lights on throughout the ongoing crisis. Organizers and activists across Florida have poured immense resources into pressuring state and local government to extend vital protections for renters and mortgage-payers, and through the CIC Coalition, we are taking on the challenge of ensuring that electric utilities don’t disconnect low-income families and small business due to inability to pay their utility bill.

Every worker and every industry in Florida is suffering under the effects of COVID-19 and the associated economic downturn. No family should have to choose between essential life-sustaining services during a national time of crisis. Through community and digital organizing, the CIC Coalition is making sure that the voice of the people is being heard and our demands for health and safety for Florida families are being met.

In the short-term, the CIC campaign seeks to keep Florida families safe from utility disconnection during our country’s greatest time of need. We are advocating that holds on disconnections extend at least until June 1, 2021 and pressuring the utilities to offer debt forgiveness and arrearage repayment plans which suit the economic needs of vulnerable Floridians.

We plan to keep up the pressure on both the utilities and public officials by maintaining and augmenting media focus on the looming disconnection-crisis, securing the passage of additional resolutions demanding basic protections from utilities, and joining with housing justice groups in demanding a stronger suite of protections from Governor DeSantis.

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