30 x 30 - Florida Conservation Voters
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The 30×30 Campaign is a global effort to conserve at least 30% of our land and oceans by the year 2030.

FCV works with the League of Conservation Voters and their state affiliates to increase funding for federal, state, and local conservation programs. Through the 30×30 campaign, we focus our conservation efforts on lands of critical importance that provide ecosystem services that the people of Florida rely on. We work to fill in the gaps, prioritizing access to parks in urban areas and land that provides habitat connectivity across the landscape. We seek to enhance protections on publicly owned land, ensuring that these lands are properly managed with conservation in mind. As we continue our conservation efforts around the state, we believe our focus should not simply be on how much land and water can be protected, but that the right lands and waters are protected.

Through the 30×30 campaign, FCV will work with agencies and partners to explore ways to better mimic natural conditions as well as how to strengthen protections so that our valuable waters and lands are preserved for future generations of people and wildlife. FCV will continue to seek ways to reduce oil drilling and extraction for dirty fossil fuels, enhance protections on existing natural areas, and advocate for an overall increase in protection for land and water.