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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Piney Point a Failure of Oversight and Accountability

The latest crisis at the Piney Point phosphate plant in Tampa Bay is the most recent chapter of a decades-long failure to reign in one of Florida’s most destructive industries: phosphate mining and production. Multiple administrations have allowed the toxic gypsum stacks, or ponds, at the site to linger while

Seven Florida Species to Celebrate and Save

Florida is one of the most species-rich states in the nation. With more than 80 different ecosystems, the state supports more than 100 species listed as endangered, threatened, or of special concern. Many rare species are found only in our state—like the Florida bonneted bat and the Florida scrub-jay. While

Letters to Lawmakers: Fund Affordable Housing

The below letter was sent by email to all Florida Legislators on 3/31 in opposition to HB 5401/SB2512. Dear legislators, I am writing to express Florida Conservation Voters’ opposition to HB 5401/SB2512 and urge you to oppose these bills as they are currently drafted. The proposed budget allocation would permanently

Don’t Raid Affordable Housing Trust Funds

The comments below were given to the House Appropriations Committee on March 31, 2021 by Executive Director Aliki Moncrief. Unfortunately, we cannot support this bill today. It is no secret that sea level rise and water quality are problems in Florida, and I applaud this body for taking this issue


Washington, D.C. — Ahead of President Biden’s speech on the American Jobs Plan, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued the following statement from President Gene Karpinski: “Today is a great day for jobs, justice, and climate action. Elections have consequences and the importance of this administration calling for historic investments to

FCV STATEMENT: President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan

Florida Conservation Voters Celebrates President Biden's American Jobs Plan Statement from Executive Director Aliki Moncrief  Today marks a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable, just, and healthy future for America and Florida. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan takes a bold approach to the climate crisis by expanding clean energy infrastructure

Protect Citizen Initiative Process

The comments below were given to the House Public Integrity and Elections committee and on March 29, 2021 by Deputy Director Jonathan Webber. FCV opposes this bill because it will only make it harder for citizens to act on their constitutional right to the initiative process. HB 61 According to

Housing Justice is Environmental Justice

FCV advocates for healthy communities for everyone. We advocate for clean air and water, plentiful and accessible parks for all, and reduced carbon emissions statewide.  As an organization dedicated to environmental advocacy work, we often get put in a box. We are told to stay in our lane when it

Voting Access is Personal

On March 22, I spoke in opposition to PIE5, a rollback of voting rights and access. As I was thinking through my remarks, I started going through the bill section by section and discussing the many ways it is a deliberate mess of bureaucracy designed to bog down the system