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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.


Take Action: Speak Up to Protect our Water!

Last summer was an urgent wake-up call to Floridians across the state who watched in horror as toxic blue-green algae choked our waterways and killed our wildlife. No one who saw (or smelled) this disaster will ever forget the images of thick, noxious “guacamole” waters

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Plastic-Free Beauty and Fashion

FCV Staff share their personal plastic-free journeys. Carson Mitchell, Communications Manager, details the sustainable solutions in beauty routines and fashion choices: My 2019 New Years Resolution was to live more sustainably. I thought this would be an easy task; little did I know it would

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NEWS: DEP Grants $1.6 Million to Coastal Communities

South Florida is no stranger to sea level rise. We see it during tidal flooding in Miami Beach, in the saltwater intrusion of water sources in Broward County, and in beach erosion in Dania Beach. We need solutions now, and not just bandaids, but community

FCV Releases 2019 Legislative Report

The hectic 2019 Legislative Session has come to an end. Thank you for staying with us every step of the way. Together, we were able to elevate Florida’s environment as one of the most important issues. We had environmental champions at the Capitol fighting with