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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Save Our Solar

On Sept. 17, solar energy advocates scored a major victory at the Florida Public Service Commission, when commissioners opted not to give in to a new utility ploy meant to undermine the expansion of customer rooftop solar throughout the state.  Conservation Voters and our energy

FCV OPPOSES Amendment Number 4

Amendment 4, also known as the “amendments must pass twice amendment,” would require constitutional amendments to be approved by voters at two successive general elections to become effective. Known as “Number 4,” this constitutional amendment undermines your voice by decreasing voters’ political power. Number 4

Honor Latinx Heritage Month by Taking Action

Latinx Heritage Month started on Sept 15. Through Oct. 15, America celebrates the legacy of Latinx communities. It’s a month of acknowledgment, education, and most importantly, action.   Sept. 15 coincides with independence anniversaries for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico and Chile

FCV OPPOSES Amendment Number 3

Amendment 3, also known as the “jungle primary” amendment, would change Florida’s primary elections for state legislators, the governor and lieutenant governor, and elected cabinet members (Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Chief Financial Officer) from a closed election to a top-two