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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

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Plastic-Free Fast Food

This month is Plastic Free July, and my FCVoters team and I are personally challenging ourselves to cut our single-use plastic consumption. Breaking bad habits starts with seeing the impact it has on our lives, and nothing motivates me more than seeing discarded plastic bottles


Take Action: Speak Up to Protect our Water!

Last summer was an urgent wake-up call to Floridians across the state who watched in horror as toxic blue-green algae choked our waterways and killed our wildlife. No one who saw (or smelled) this disaster will ever forget the images of thick, noxious “guacamole” waters

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Plastic-Free Beauty and Fashion

FCV Staff share their personal plastic-free journeys. Carson Mitchell, Communications Manager, details the sustainable solutions in beauty routines and fashion choices: My 2019 New Years Resolution was to live more sustainably. I thought this would be an easy task; little did I know it would