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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Saving Florida Flowers

My shovel dug into the earth like butter as I created a shallow circle around the base of a coreopsis. Her yellow blooms, those unfurled and those buds waiting, looked up at me in thanks. Of all the times I’ve written about figuratively saving Florida,

Paddleboarding Florida

By Ellen Cook Jacksonville, FL Florida's waterways and natural lands are so important to me. I am a fitness instructor. During this pandemic, parks have been my only resource to use to work out as well as train my clients. I also paddleboard! If I'm

A Story Still Unfolding

By Joseph Ricketts Gainesville, FL My conservation story is one that is steadily unfolding. I by no means have “arrived” in terms of sustainable living and faithful stewardship of the Earth. Instead, I am learning and growing each day in my ability and resolve to