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Love Letters to Florida

We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Dear Florida: Preserve My Beautiful Beach

By Isabella Jaramillo, Miami Dear Florida, I always took growing up on the beach for granted. The endless sun burns, sand accumulating everywhere, and the occasional jellyfish sting. It wasn’t until I left home for the first time that I realized how crucial the beaches

Dear Florida: We Love Wakulla Springs

One of my family’s favorite summer places to cool down is Wakulla Springs. Just a few miles south of Tallahassee, Wakulla Springs is a great place to picnic, swim, or take a boat ride down Wakulla River and see one of Florida’s oldest cypress swamps.

Dear Florida: There is None Like You

Dear Florida, I stopped the other day and wondered to myself, “If you weren’t here where would I be? Maryland, maybe? Or California?” I pondered where people would retire or vacation. And then I realized those places can’t compare to you. So, I’m writing with