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Love Letters to Florida

We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Dear Florida: Save Silver Springs

By Tim Shanahan, Ocala When I moved my young family to Ocala in 1991 I fell in love with Silver Springs. It was the largest natural aquifer-based in the world by volume. You could float down the Silver River or ride a glass-bottom boat and

Dear Florida: Growing Up in the Tree Tops

Dear Florida, South Florida is a maze of perfectly manicured lawns, housing subdivisions, apartment complexes, strip malls next to strip malls, and Mad Max-style mega-highways. But tucked away between the never-ending developments are city and county parks that give children and families a taste of

Dear Florida: Quiet, Tranquil Places

By Ginny Rotolante, Miami Dear Florida, Places like Shark Valley and Corkscrew Swamp are wonderful, accessible ways to explore the Everglades, infinitely enjoyable for residents and tourists alike. But I have to say that one of my favorite places in Florida is Nine Mile Pond, deep

Dear Florida: The Incredible Sights and Sounds

By Stephanie Montalvo, Lutz Photo by Stephanie Montalvo. Dear Florida, How lucky are we to live here? In the winter when the rest of the country is freezing their tails off, we are enjoying the warm weather and brightly colored plumage of our feathered friends.