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Author: Zac Cosner

Florida Needs Energy Efficiency

The below comments were shared by Climate and Clean Energy Advocate Zac Cosner during the Public Service Meeting on May 18, 2021.  This past Tuesday, the Florida Public Service Commission held a workshop to consider changes to the rules which govern utilities' obligations to provide

7 Florida School Districts Awarded Clean, Electric Buses

Florida is moving one step closer to clean, electric school buses for all! The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently released award letters to seven Florida school districts, allocating a total of $57 million to purchase new fully electric bus fleets under their “Electric School

Public Service Commission Interviews Nominees

The Florida Public Service Commission is the most powerful Florida political body you’ve never heard of nor voted for, and it’s about to get a new member. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor. This five-member commission regulates all investor-owned utilities in the state, including privatized

Speak Up Against SB 1128

Conservation Voters like you know that when we all come together to hold our lawmakers accountable, our environment wins. That was apparent at the Capitol this week. Since the 2021 legislative session began at the beginning of this month, FCV and our partners have been