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Author: Zac Cosner

Solar Bills That are Good for Habitat and People

Florida’s major electric utilities plan to develop over 13,000 MW of new solar generation across the state over the next decade, according to a 2021 review of ten-year site plans published by the Florida Public Service Commission. While this is a significant development, there’s no such thing

Florida Power & Light Settles, But More Improvement Needed

Florida’s utilities are trying to raise our utility rates to benefit investors and fossil fuel interests. If we don’t speak up, our bills will go up, and we can’t afford to line corporations’ pockets. In August, FPL settled with some clean energy advocacy groups, including

TECO Doesn’t Deserve a Raise. Speak up!

The Tampa Electric Company is attempting to raise rates on customers by a full 19%, one of the biggest rate increases in Florida history. The company is attempting to raise rates in order to fund a new natural gas unit at the Big Bend powerplant,

Speak Up Against Higher FPL Utility Bills

On Monday, June 21, the Public Service Commission held the first in a series of rate-payer workshops. These public meetings are intended to gather customer input on the massive 18% rate increase that Florida Power and Light has requested. This increase would fund new natural