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Author: FCVoters

Five Ocean Threats & How You Can Help

Our oceans make life on Earth possible. They feed us, heat and cool us, and even supply the air we breathe. Without healthy oceans, we cannot survive. Our oceans are in peril, threatened by climate change, unsustainable use, pollution, offshore drilling, and a lack of

Fire and the Suncoast Connector

The Suncoast connector study area, like much of Florida, is home to vast expanses of fire-dependent habitats and fire-maintained agricultural lands. According to our conservation partner, the Florida Native Plant Society, 2 million acres of the 3.7 million-acre of Study Area are dependent on regular

Funding Conservation During COVID-19

Great parks and open green spaces make stronger, healthier communities. As Congress considers how best to address the economic crisis that has come alongside the current public health emergency, we urge consideration of investment in our parks, public lands, and outdoor recreation infrastructure as part

Florida’s Future Relies on Fire

For thousands of years, fire has rolled across the Florida landscape, often set by lightning in the dry months. Historically, Native Americans would set fires to create an open landscape for hunting, to improve livestock grazing, and for planting crops. These ecosystems were made up