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Author: Jonathan Webber

We build political power to protect our environment, protect our democracy, and create a healthy and sustainable future for everyone.

Save Florida’s Coral Reefs

Happy Coral Reef Awareness Week!  The waters that surround the Florida Keys are magical. From the shallow, aquamarine seagrass flats to the deep, cerulean ocean offshore, life abounds. But the gem of the Florida Keys lies just below the surface: our coral reef.  I remember

Blue-Green Algae Task Force Meets for First Time Since 2020

On June 23, Governor DeSantis' Blue-Green Algae Task Force met for the first time in nearly eight months. Task Force members were interested in discussing their much-publicized recommended solutions to our state's blue-green algae problems. But, there was one giant elephant in the virtual room:

Play Fair, Lawmakers: Draw Fair Districts

Every ten years, after the census, the Florida Legislature redraws the boundaries of our congressional, state House and state Senate districts. This was originally intended to ensure that districts are equal in population -- to make sure that every person has equal representation. Unfortunately, legislators

Locals Locked Out of Solar Decision Making

The comments below were given to the Senate Rules Committee on April 20, 2021 by Deputy Director Jonathan Webber. SB 896 - Amendment 713270 Good morning, my name is Jonathan Webber with Florida Conservation Voters and I urge this committee to oppose this amendment.  All