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Author: Carson Mitchell

Happy Clams Need Clean Water

You've heard the expression, 'happy as a clam.' But, it turns out, Florida's clams aren't all that happy. Dr. Todd Osborne is hoping to change that. Dr. Osborne is a biogeochemist at UF's Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. With his team, he has been working

Statement: FPL Rate Increase Settlement

STATEMENT FROM FCV EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ALIKI MONCRIEF  “Florida Power & Light is clearly feeling the public pushback from their egregious attempt to raise electricity bills for Florida’s families. However, the new settlement still raises rates on customers at a challenging time and still includes investments

Red Tide Robs Restoration Efforts

Red tide may occur naturally in the Gulf of Mexico, but its intensification and devastation are preventable. Voters have asked their elected leaders to stop pollution, but lawmakers have failed Florida. Voters have also asked their lawmakers to reduce carbon emissions, but again, they have

Climate Change Harms Sharks

Sharks are really neat creatures. And although they are stereotyped as dangerous or scary (queue Jaws theme music), they are also incredibly vulnerable. The University of Miami’s Shark Research & Conservation Program has found that climate change will be particularly challenging for highly mobile marine