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Help us elect conservation leaders and make protecting our environment a priority in Florida.


Inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities.

Florida’s waters and conservation lands are the backbone of our livelihoods and drive our economy.

They supply us with clean water and improve our quality of life. For many of us, they’re the reason our families came here and the reason we stay.

As Floridians it’s our responsibility to protect our water, land, and wildlife for now and for future generations. The decisions our elected officials make — protecting irreplaceable treasures like our springs and the Everglades, funding state parks, advancing clean energy policies — impact our families, our businesses, and this beautiful state we call home.

Our goal is to elect the best public officials who will enact sound policies that ensure our cherished, yet vulnerable, natural lands and water are protected.

We aim to become the state’s leading non-partisan political voice for protecting Florida’s environment. We will elect, educate, and hold elected officials accountable for their environmental and conservation policy votes. We will work to ensure that lawmakers make our springs, parks, rivers, wildlife, iconic treasures like the Everglades, and clean energy a priority.

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Climate & Energy

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