2018 Election Results

We believe that our government works best when it accurately represents the people they are governing. Florida Conservation Voters was proud to endorse thirteen inspiring and dedicated conservation leaders for offices in the Florida Legislature. Of those 13 candidates, seven were people of color and ten were women. We are delighted to inform you six of our endorsed candidates won their elections! The core of our future conservation majority has arrived.

Florida Senate

Florida House

Voting Rights Restoration Amendment

The Voting Rights Restoration Amendment aims to reinstate voting rights to nearly 1.4 million returning citizens who have served their time and paid their debts. The amendment excludes those convicted of homicide and/or sexual assault.

FCV believes that voting rights are human rights, and that our democracy works best when as many legal citizens as possible have access to the ballot box. It’s a fact: when we all vote, the environment wins.

That’s why FCV was such an early supporter of the Second Chances campaign back in 2017. Through our partnership with our national affiliate, the League of Conservation Voters, we contributed tens of thousands of dollars and many hours of staff time in support of this important campaign. We conducted presentations around the state, communicated with our members, spoke to the media, and raised general awareness about this good Amendment.

This Voting Rights Restoration Amendment earned the approval of more than 64% of Florida voters. FCV is monitoring the ongoing voting rights restoration process and will keep you informed on our social media accounts and our online newsletters to let you know how you can help make sure Floridians get their right to vote.
Pd. pol. adv. paid for and provided in-kind by Florida Conservation Voters, 1700 N. Monroe St. #11-286, Tallahassee, FL 32303. Approved by all candidates listed.